Tracy Richmond

“I like coming to Great Harvest Bread because I can get whatever I have a taste for when I need it. If I want some good bread then I can get it. If I’m in the mood for a great sandwich or some tasty soup, I can have that too. Whether it is a salad or bread pudding bar – I know I can always get it at Great Harvest. The customer service is always on point and I am always treated well by each and every employee. Thank you for bringing your amazing quality to the Savannah area.”

Todd Barret

“I’m a single dad of two children so after working a full day sometimes I just want to go pick up a healthy meal for my family. Great Harvest Bread helps me out by providing what we need. The kids can get tasty sandwiches and cookies or ice scream for dessert. I bought some cinnamon chip bread for french toast on Saturday morning.”

Robert Peters

“Hey ! I tried some of your Raisin Cinnamon Burst bread when passing through Savannah recently and I am very impressed with how great it is! I’m from the Midwest and I have been searching for good, made from scratch bread for a long time. I’ve finally found it! I’ve traveled to almost every state in the country, including San Francisco and New York, and I have yet to try bread that is better than what I got from Great Harvest Bread in Savannah. Keep it up – great product!”

Judy Walters

“I’m a health nut so I watch everything that I eat, all day and every day. At my last visit to the doctor I was told that I should increase my fiber and grain intake. I knew just the place to provide what I needed – Great Harvest Bread! I love their high 5 fiber bread, one slice provides me five grams of fiber. I discovered that they will also make rolls if you place an order. They are the best little bites to add to my salad at lunchtime. You should give them a try.”

Patricia Maye

“I'm in charge of ordering lunch for our office meetings. After trying Great Harvest I was sold. The salads and sandwiches they delivered were fresh and delicious... And OH MY the cookies were huge and amazing. 5 stars from me!

David Anderson

“I visit Great Harvest Bread a few times a week because it is a place that operates with quality and the customer in mind. Their breads are the best you’ll find in the South and probably in the country. While they are known for their bread, they make very good sandwiches, salads, and wonderful soups. I’m a big fan of the desserts, especially the pies, of which I often indulge in the apple cobbler and pumpkin pie.”

Great Harvest Bread of Savannah