At Great Harvest Savannah, we serve a dazzling array of sweet & savory baked goods and handcrafted sandwiches, soups and salads. But let’s not forget all of the other quality products we offer. Each of these items has been carefully screened to ensure they meet our standards of quality, taste and value.

We offer many items that will complement our freshly baked breads, such as delicious fruit spreads, flavored butters, oils and honey. Try the HomePlate brand of all-natural peanut butter for that perfect PB & J! For those who would prefer to create at home, try one of our made-from-scratch dry mixes. Choose from brownies, pancakes, cookies or hot cereals, to name but a few.
Great Harvest Signature Mixes

Try our Groovy Granola as is or as a hot or cold cereal.  Or use GG as a base for a super trail mix.

Great Harvest Oatmeal is an outstanding way to start your day.  Just add hot water (and maybe raisins!).

Double Fudge Brownie Mix is a great base  for "made from scratch" brownies!
Hearty Meals Homemade In Minutes Soup Mixes - $7.50

The name says it all!  Quality dry mix to make nearly any soup imaginable.  Ready in minutes!
Hearty Meals Dry Soup Mixes - $8.75 ea.

Add meat (chicken, sausage, beef, pork, bacon or ham, etc.) to these mixes for a quick hearty satisfying meal.  100% natural, no salt, preservatives or MSG added!
Dog Treats - $0.25 ea. / $6.00 per bag

Made from scratch with 100% whole wheat flour!
Great Harvest Bread of Savannah