7360 Skidaway Road, Suite J 1 Savannah, Georgia 31406
BE loose and have FUN! Bake phenomenal bread.
Run fast to serve others. &GIVE generously.
 – Our Mission

Great Harvest Bread, Served
With A Side Of Purpose

Our mission is to provide you and your family with “made from scratch” breads, goodies, sandwiches and soups created with fresh ingredients. Your first stop when visiting our store will be the Bread Board, where you can sample many of our hand crafted breads and goodies.

We look forward to serving you and seeing you at the
Bread Board!

We Grind Our Whole Wheat
Right In Our Store!

Why do we mill our wheat on site? Freshness is number one. And freshly milled flour imparts incredible taste in our whole grain baked goods. Also, whole grains are packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants and some trace minerals (iron, copper, zinc and magnesium).
Journey to Great Harvest Bread of Savannah
Our Bread
Great Harvest has been baking bread the way it ought to be from the beginning, and we still believe in our phenomenal bread-making process
Our Sandwiches,
Soups & Salads
Outstanding sandwiches start with phenomenal bread. Great Harvest Savannah offers a variety of sandwiches prepared with premium ingredients on our freshly baked bread
Our Goodies
It’s been said that man does not live by bread (or sandwiches, soups or salads) alone”, so expect a variety of freshly baked, made from scratch, goodies at Great Harvest Savannah
Having a family get together, morning meeting, lunch gathering or simply want to say “thank you” to your staff? Let Great Harvest Savannah provide the sandwiches, salads and goodies to make your event memorable. Mix and match any menu items to meet your needs and we can even handle large groups. Contact us for pricing and to schedule your event.


Tracy Richmond
“I like coming to Great Harvest Bread because I can get whatever I have a taste for when I need it. If I want some good, warm bread then I can get it. If I’m in the mood for a great sandwich or some tasty soup, I can have that too. Whether it is a salad or bread pudding bar – I know I can always get it at Great Harvest. The customer service is always on point and I am always treated well by each and every employee. Thank you for bringing your amazing quality to the Savannah area.”

Todd Barret
“I’m a single dad of two children so after working a full day sometimes I just want to go pick up a healthy meal for my family instead of going home and wasting more energy in front of the stove. Great Harvest Bread helps me out by providing what we need. The kids can get tasty sandwiches and cookies for dessert while I get a salad and soup. On weekends we also come get freshly baked bread. Great Harvest Bread is great for quick meals or freshly baked bread that you can order.”

Amanda Crow
“My job asked me to handle the food for our holiday party. I had no clue where to get the food from. I asked around and a coworker mentioned Great Harvest Bread in Savannah so I gave them a call. After five to ten minutes of going over the menu options with a wonderful employee, the order placed and Great Harvest came through the next day with all bread and sandwiches just as ordered. I definitely recommend them to any person that needs to have an event catered.”